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finfo Solution

Providing the reports and analytics so you can make the decision, without having to deploy complex BI software.

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Transform expense data into compelling,
actionable reports and dashboards.

At the heart of the solution are the infographic style reports, which inform employees, their managers and senior leaders on the usage and spend for a particular indirect expense.

Reporting the data
that matters

Additional reports are also available. Some clients insist on receiving financial reports to allow their finance teams to recharge the expenditure to cost codes. For clients with business mobile phone estates, they may require data usage reports.

Automated Oversight

An automated usage report is sent via email to employees every month. A bespoke design is used for the client to ensure familiarity and trust.

Key Features

Direct Report Delivery

We know that by providing employees with the right information they become more cost-conscious. With finfo there’s no need for portals, additional software or complex integrations. Reports are available in a location that’s already familiar to them, their inbox.

Info That Makes An Impact

An employee ranking is always included in our report design, to show the employee how their usage and spend compares to colleagues within the same team or cost centre.

Insights That Drive Action

Budget holders and team leaders are also sent a report providing detail of their team’s usage and spend. This is often used in personal reviews and team meetings, providing yet another powerful tool to drive down spend and improve performance.

Multiple data sets? No problem

Easily integrate several data sets such as mobile, printing, travel and conference calling data. Mix, match and organise the data you need into a bespoke report that addresses the exact needs of your organisation.

Business Mobile

Enterprise mobile tariffs are becoming more and more competitive, that’s where our specialist experts can assist you to ensure you have the best deal. A dedicated account manager then manages your mobile estate and ensures you’re on the most efficient tariffs, wastage is minimised and data usage is optimised.

Printing & Paper Usage

Using our educational messaging and reporting, employees are encouraged to print black & white, double sided where possible. We partner with print management consultants to ensure your print estate is efficient and sustainable ensuring usage is kept to a minimum and the security of documents in maintained.

Business Travel

We understand that business travel is sometimes necessary, but we know that there are typically services that you’re already paying for such as video conferencing that is being underutilised. We will work with you to educate your employees on these services to ensure they get the best use out of them, resulting in more remote meetings and fewer people traveling.

Conference Calls

There are many hidden costs associated with conference call services, such as “click to call”. By educating employees on their conference call usage and spend as well as how to use the service, will result in a reduction in overall spend.

Your Data Visualised In Easy To
Digest Reports Delivered Directly To
Your Employees’ Inbox

And... All Designs Are Bespoke

The design of our reports is something that’s really important to us and we pride ourselves on the fact that they’re unlike any other BI service.

A bespoke report design is used for every client to ensure familiarity and trust with their employees. Your company logo and colours are used to encourage the feeling that the reports have been sent from an internal team.

Support When You Need It

We’re proud of our support teams that provide a personal service to our clients. It’s important to us that we spend the time getting to know our clients and that’s why each client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager.


Our support team is always on hand when you need us, working the hours that suit you.

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Each client is provided a dedicated email address which is routed to your dedicated relationship manager and support team.

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Our support team is always on hand when you need us, working the hours that suit you.

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