EngageCreating a data driven culture

Engage employees on their responsibility as a service user, aligns their effort to that of the organisation and encourages them to succeed.

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Educating employees is
simple and cost-effective

Engaging employees on their spend when using a centrally controlled service ensures they understand their responsibility to the business. Employees are sent messages at launch and periodically throughout the year. Strategic messages can be shared using videos and computer based training to engage with employees further on company policy and expectations.


Engaging employees on usage and spend for centrally controlled services ensures they understand their responsibility to the business.

Insights & Analysis

Strategic Messaging

Messages via email (or text message) are provided at key times of the year in-line with usage and spend trends to encourage employees to be more cost-conscious.

Hints & Tips

Training videos are developed for clients, specifically for employees and teams, to provide hints & tips on how to use central services more efficiently. This is proven to reduce spend and increase employee performance.

Computer Based Training

We believe that employees should be trained in how to get the best out of the services available to them. That’s why we put together bespoke computer based training that can be made available on your virtual learning environment.

Integration and

We work closely with your corporate comms team to develop and deploy strategic messaging around service improvement. We also work in tandem with your HR department to ensure that your employee onboarding process fully acknowledges new hires’ responsibilities in the area of corporate expense management, and contains appropriate education and training materials.

Usage & Spend Policies

Strategic messaging is shared to educate employees on company policy to ensure greater compliance.

Support When You Need It

We’re proud of our support teams that provide a personal service to our clients. It’s important to us that we spend the time getting to know our clients and that’s why each client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager.


Our support team is always on hand when you need us, working the hours that suit you.

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Each client is provided a dedicated email address which is routed to your dedicated relationship manager and support team.

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Our support team is always on hand when you need us, working the hours that suit you.

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