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Corporate Expense Reporting

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to manage your
indirect expenses

We identify the key factors and patterns that drive expense spend before turning these insights into reports for your employees and teams.

finfo lets you get on with
what you do best

Increase your efficiency by focusing on the more valuable tasks and leave the number crunching to us. We create the custom reports and dashboards based on your requirements, so you don’t have to.

Our 3 pathways to greater cost
control of indirect expenses

Enhancing cost control is easy with the right tools. Keep it simple with finfo. No need for additional credentials or portals. Quick integration into existing systems. Deliver savings that exceed 30% of the total annual spend by uncovering strategic procurement opportunities.


At the heart of the solution are the infographic style reports, which inform employees, their managers and senior leaders on the usage and spend for a particular indirect expense.


Educating your employees and their spend ensures they understand their responsibility to the business. Strategic messages are shared using videos and computer based training to educate employees further on company policy.


On-site or remote industry experts are used to provide advice and insights of the expenditure. This provides the help and support with managing your Service Provider.

Reporting is the cornerstone of
the finfo solution

At the heart of the solution are the infographic style reports, which inform employees, their managers and senior leaders on the usage and spend for a particular indirect expense.

Transform expense data into
compelling, actionable reports
and dashboards.

An automated usage report is sent via email to employees every month. A bespoke design is used for the client to ensure familiarity and trust.

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    What Our Customers Have To Say

    “finfo bridges the gap between a BI unit and an MSP and has become a strong partner for YBS.”

    Andrew Ellison, Desktop Service Delivery Manager


    Watch Andrew Ellison below speak to how finfo has affected the way YBS Group handle their internal cost management

    5/5 Rating on Capterra

    “finfo has enabled us to drive down an area of cost through better analytics and communication within the organisation. They are also great fun to work with.”

    Ros Z, Comunications Director

    What finfo means to
    our clients

    Finance Teams

    The finfo financial reports allows Finance Teams to accurately cross charge invoices to cost centres and budget holders. The employee reports help Finance Teams create a more cost-conscious workforce, which results in lower usage and spend.

    IT Teams

    The finfo helpdesk takes away the traffic for general service enquiries and lets IT Teams get on with the cool stuff. Bespoke usage reports are provided to IT Teams to ensure wastage is reduced where services are no longer required.

    Procurement Teams

    The finfo managed service provides the day-to-day management and optimisation of the mobile network operator, ensuring efficient estate management. At times of renewal and renegotiation, we’ll provide the data as an trusted honest partner.

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    Beautiful reports for your employees and teams, providing the insights that are important to you.

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    Tailored to your needs with white labeled reports and premium support